Monday, October 8, 2012

Doesn't that hurt?

Written by Heidi:

So what I have noticed with Ethan is his extremely high tolerance to pain. This kid can take a bump or a fall like no one else I know (except "talking" with other parents in our FB group). His usual response is "I'm ok!"... that being said  its those times you don't hear those words that my heart sinks, my mind starts immediately processing what things do I need to get in order to squeeze in a possible ER visit or evening hour visit to the doc.

The lack of fear that he possesses doesn't help his frequent injuries. At least has perfected the "tuck and roll fall" that at times makes me want to hold up a 10.0 sign. When he was younger he didn't have the reflex to protect a fall which usually is why he landed on his head or face. Believe it or not this was something that also needed to be taught ... how to fall properly. Now he will be running, trip most the time on his own feet and tuck and roll and get right back up and keep going.

Just recently he has gotten bitten by a spider that has caused an ulcer and swelling. Most people would be in pain and complaining about this. Not an RES child....nope. Just needs a band-aid! And then what does this witty kid do but bring home a book from the school library about spiders. He said he wants to figure out which one bit him.

He also received a blow to his forehead to a tree (ummmm, his older brother had a hand in this, sigh...) which had a goose egg , bruised and split in it that would of put me on the couch. Our neighbor saw it 4 days later and thought it happened the night before. He would barley let me put ice on it and was back to playing within a minute or two.

Its ok to have a tough boy, but it is definiely worrisome. Even though he doesn't show responses to pain as you or I would, I've become concerned that there may be more trauma then he lets on. When he was just over 2, he had a fall and hit his head and 24 hours later he ended up in a 3 hour seizure. With all the medications they had to pump him with he ended in a coma like state for 5 days until we insisted they take him off of the meds.

Falls, bumps, scrapes are what little boys are made of. With Ethan its usually followed with "I'm ok!" with my thoughts being...Really?


  1. I had to laugh at the similarities (a couple of times!) as I was posting this one. Abby also does the "I'm okay" when she falls! Kills me every time. She used to say "there's no blood" like it was an accomplishment. ;D

    Also got me when you said that he had no protective reflexes and had to be taught. Our PT spent a good six months teaching her how to put her hands up when she fell.

  2. Oh ladies, we also have the I am ok response!!!

    It took us a year to get Emma to protect herself from a fall, her reason for not putting her hands out was said in the innocence of a typical RS kid "I dont put my hands out mum cause they hurt when I land on them but my head doesn't!" Our kids have an understanding of life that no-one can ever fault x

  3. That is such a good point. I never really thought about the fact that it DOES hurt when they bang their hands but much less so when they hit their heads... Interesting food for thought!

  4. I too never thought of these kids responses! So matter of fact and unique perspectives! Heidi