Monday, May 20, 2013

Never walk, huh?

I can still go back there in my mind. That moment when I realize my baby would NOT BE NORMAL. First it was that horrible, wordless ultrasound. Then it was the meeting with Dr. "Gloom and Doom" when he outline for us all the things our daughter would likely never do.  

"She will most likely never walk or talk" he said.  

"It isn't likely that she will be able to think normally. " He continued. 

And I swear that it was in that moment that my girl decided to stick up her middle finger at the medical establishment. From that moment on she has been nothing but a medical miracle. 

My girl is running track. And every time she rounds the corner at full tilt I want to cry. That tiny baby who would never walk IS RUNNING. FAST. 

She is kicking ass at the long jump. My tiny little peanut (she's all of 3 foot and some change) jumped 5'2" at the last meet. 

She is kicking ass and taking names and I couldn't be prouder. So the little girl that needed a walker and a helmet (she still needs it on the playground at school) and surgery and therapy and a team of doctors is part of a team. She's one of the most popular kids on her team. She amazes me. I mean, seriously, literally, truly amazes me. She might fall on her face every other practice but she jumps up, laughs it off and KEEPS. ON. RUNNING.

We all need to keep on running.

Posted by Kristen Fescoe


  1. What a wonderful story ! Wishing you love and continued success!

  2. Go ABBY!
    In 1948 my parents were told the same thing after surgery for my sister at 10 days and YEP she did it all too!!!