Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow and RS

It's been ages since I have had an opportunity to put together a post. Abby is doing wonderfully in third grade, with a teacher who can truly handle her well. She's had some balance issues in the past few months, which we are attributing to either inner ear fluid fluctuations or a growth spurt. Really, and thankfully, there is little to report in the world of RS.

We did notice a funny RS-related accommodation she has made to handling the snow. For years she has used these ski pole like contraptions to make her way through snow. Without them she can't manage to walk almost at all. When she was smaller she was stuck in an inner tube with a rope. :D This weekend was our first big snow fall and we noticed that she was making her way through the snow without her poles.

As it turns out she has discovered that when she comes to a larger pile that she can't make it through she flops on the ground and shimmies to shallower snow. It's hysterical... and it works! She was climbing the big snow hill (from the plow) and managing to sled down ON HER OWN! It's amazing how these kids can manage to make their world work for them!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fun Run Sponsor's

A Message From Abby and Grace:

Hello Friends and Family,

Abby and Grace will be participating in a cool program called the Rice Owl Fun Run. They’re  raising money for their school and learning about fitness, leadership and character. On November 18, 2015, they will run 30 to 35 laps around the Fun Run Speedway to help our school. Would you please be one of their sponsors? They can't wait to run with all of their classmates. Even just ten cents a lap would help! They'll tell you how many laps they ran after the Fun Run! Thanks for sponsoring them!


Kristen, Abby and Grace

Click here for Grace’s Page: 
Click here for Abby’s Page: 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Like Riding A Bike

There is nothing more exciting than the first time those training wheels come off. Sure, every kid will fall a couple of times but they will get back up and try again. Within hours many kids are off to the races. Except, if that kid has Rhombencephalosynapsis. Learning to ride a bike and manage balance is a challenge for all kids. Imagine trying to learn this new skills while struggling to maintain balance on two feet!

Well, that is why watching this video sent to me by Heidi of Ethan mastering two wheels brought tears to my eyes. Go Ethan, Go!!!!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Slowly But Surely

The girls had their 8 year well check this past week. Both girls are the picture of health and both girls grew very nicely. Miss Abigail is now a whopping 42 pounds and 47 inches. That puts her in the 3rd percentile for weight and the 5th for height. It doesn't sound like much but it's on the chart! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Only Abby...

Only a child with Rhombencephalosynapsis would ask her mother to tape a reenactment of a fall.

This kid kills me. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


When I was reading over an e-mail I was composing to update how Abby has been doing to our friends at the University of Washington I had to take a minute, sit back, and think about how far this child has come. This what I had written:

I apologize for the delay in my response. Abby is going amazingly well. Her health has been excellent over the past year. She still has asthma, very serious food allergies and is small in stature but this has been her healthiest year yet! She is academically well above average. She is finished the 2nd grade school year reading above the 5th grade level and on par with 4th grade math. She still participates in OT and PT but will scale back her OT in the coming school year. Her balance steadily improves over time but she periodically experiences balance “setbacks”. We haven’t established whether it’s inner ear fluid, growth or just her RES that causes it. She is participating in track (yes, TRACK!) and doing so much better than we even expected. We thought she would be the slowest on her team and that is not true. She falls occasionally but can run very FAST! She just qualified for our local track and field championship in both a relay event and the long jump. She can long jump over 7 feet, despite her only 45” frame. She is attempting to qualify for the junior olympics in the long jump event. 

Is this the same kid I used to write about? Is this the same girl who we truly thought might never walk or climb or sit on her own? Can this really be the kid that required 5 day a week therapy to ensure she could learn to roll over? 

How can this be??? 

It is amazing. I will never, ever, ever forget how long and hard we all had to work to get her here. The therapy, surgery, doctors visits, exercises, appointments, hours of conversations and planning and on and on and on. It was SO DAMN HARD for all of us. But this, this makes it all worth it. 


Friday, March 27, 2015

A Unique Guest Post

I Am hoping to incorporate a new "series" on this blog which will include blog posts from individuals living with RS. If you or someone you know would like to contribute please let me know via the contact information in the right column. The first blog post in the "Life With Rhombencephalosynapsis" Series comes from my girl, Abby.

Written By Abigail Fescoe:

Heres the thing I have RS. People think I'm different that way. But I'm not. Here's a symptom of RS, I roll my head a whole lot. People like classmates, friends in and out of school, ask why do you roll your head? I've told some people why and from all that I learned, if I do people just stop asking and I can be myself. Another symptom is that balance is hard. I can't do activities that need really good balance, like the balance beam. Thats why I have to take PT. But I have taken PT since preschool all the way till now [which I'm in 2nd grade] and probably for a while longer. I also look at other people and what they're doing, and I get better and better. Here's a little story of my bad balance; me a few years ago me and my twin sister Grace were all riled up and it was dinnertime. At dinner we were laughing and jiggling around , and accidentally I slipped off the bench. Grace tried to grab me. But she did not. I fell on my tooth. It hurt VERY badly. Daddy [brian fescoe] picked me up. Grace was really sad and sorry when daddy figured out I broke my tooth. Later my mom [kristen fescoe] took me to surgerey. it was not fun in surgery.

This all written by a seven year old girl. It is a remind of both the struggles kids with RS face as well as their incredible power to overcome obstacles. Abby enjoyed writing this so much I think more will come from her. I do hope that her words help some of the newer families to the RS circle. These kids can overcome so much. They're miraculous!

Posted by Kristen Fescoe, March 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I think he likes her

I haven't updated at all lately, which means I really haven't updated on how things are going with Wisdom the Dog. Since he arrived, almost a year ago already, he has incorporated himself into the family very nicely. He knows he is here to serve but he is certainly more of a "normal dog" than the day we brought him home.

Abby and Wisdom have bonded nicely. Initially it looked like he was going to bond to Grace more but that has changed. He definitely has more of an affinity towards Abby. She isn't as warm and fuzzy as we had hoped she would be. We had hoped having a companion dog would help with some of her aversions but that hasn't occurred yet. I'm still hopeful. But he is a constant companion for her when she wants him.

Posted by Kristen Fescoe

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Trip to the ER, Non RS Related. Who Knew?

Heidi Wrote:

Living in our RS injury bubble, I forgot what a trip for injuries to the ER was like that wasn't from RS issues or RS accident. 

Rushing through the rain to our van resulted in my unfortunate timing of opening the door into Ethan' s head. Wham!
As he grabbed his forehead and tried to convince me he was ok, I knew it was going to require a trip to the ER.
He of course kept all the medical staff on their toes with his wit and humor. Asking for them to be quiet so he could try to fall asleep before the stitching started. Asking for them to evaluate this growth on his face as he was only eight and shouldn't have hair. And of course at the top of his lungs, repeating over and over" MOM DID IT!"
Ethan wanted them to know it was my fault and not his.
I'll take the blame...if only I could take the hurt with it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Second Grade

So far our experience with second grade has been a remarkable difference from first grade. Last year brought behavioral outbursts, trips to the principals office (more than once), fighting with classmates and a downright awful experience for all of us.

Second grade... not one outburst. New friends. Listening to her teacher. Excelling in her academics. Where was this Abby last year??? We could not be more pleased! Today was the girls conference and I got hear how smart and well behaved and sweet she was. Was a difference a year makes!

She is reading at a fifth grade level and her math skills are in the top five percent of the class! We are just praying this continues!

And one more awesome detail. For the first time in her life she was able to WALK THE ENTIRE TIME when we went trick-or-treating as a family. Progress!!!

Posted by Kristen Fescoe