Friday, February 10, 2017

Food Challenge - By Abby

Abby had to write an "expert" piece at school and she chose to describe the process of going to a food challenge. She's been to four (I think, maybe five) and is a veritable expert! 

Do you know what an allergy food challenge is? In this piece you will find out what the food challenge is and how it works

First and Food

  Starting a food  challenge is the most important part because it starts you’re dietary future. First of all, you have to go into the waiting room before you check in. If a you’re child is doing the food challenge he or she will have to get a bracelet that has his or her name and age and number thing, because you’re a patient there. After you get seated the nurse has to check the child up to make sure is not sick because if you were after you ate the food the nurses would think it was the food  but it wasn’t. They check your blood pressure, oxygen and make sure there are no rashes on the patient.

Then, they give you a little bit of food to start only like half a bowl or piece. It starts out with a tiny piece because it you’re first time eating it so you wanna start small.   

Again and More

       After you've eaten a little you wait for 20 minutes before eating a bigger amount.  You have to wait 20 minutes because the food needs time to situate and time to make sure that it doesn’t disagree. If it does at any point in the challenge you will be sent home and can try again in a year if you’d like to. Usually, if you go through the whole challenge it's about 5-8 doses and 20  minutes in between.

After the Challenge

  After you’ve finished the  food challenge you still have a while. You have 1 hour till you can eat and 2 ½ hours till you can go home.  You’re going to get truly bored so hopefully you brought toys. Also, there is a play area with a bunch of toys to play with. After a while, you have to have your final check-up. They do the exact same thing as they did in the beginning.

Indeed, this food challenge is long and yummy and something you’ll never forget. It’s really exciting to know that you might outgrow your food allergy or have. If it turns out that you haven’t  outgrown your food allergy, next year you can try again.  

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