Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Looking back

Not sure why I decided to post this walk down memory lane but here it is. :D

My sweet, perfect little girls!
 We hated that dang tube! 
 Got her glasses around 9 months
 Grace started to move and groove but Abby was still stuck in the Boppy. 

Eye surgery was around 10 months.  
 The walker came at around 16 months. 
 By 18 months she could almost keep up with her sister!
 Being bribed with lollipops didn't hurt. :D
 At about 20 months she started to cruise
 And by 2 she was off to the races!

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  1. Super trip down memory lane Kristen. Thanks for the lovely pictures of Abby's journey and Grace's too.It must have been so helpful for her to have a sister to emulate and to offer the challenge of keeping up. LOL :-)M