Friday, December 3, 2010

Deep Pressure shirts

With the increasing amount of anxiety that Abby is experiencing so too are those around her. She is showing the beginning signs of obsessive compulsive behavior. This occurs in some cases of RS (at least according to the literature) but we had so hoped to avoid it. We have begun the search for a good behaviorist who can help us to figure out what WE should be doing when the anxiety increases.

In the meantime we are trying to do what we can do to decrease the anxiety. We have put the girls tent back up in the playroom and filled it with sensory toys (squeezy balls, bean bags, pillows, etc.). We are increasing the intensity of her sensory diet. We are increasing her access to oral input when she needs it (gum, chewy tubes all over the house, etc.). One of the newest additions is compression garments under her clothes. Her OT at school thinks it is going to be critical for her to have input throughout the day and this is one of the best ways. So we have been on the hunt for a good compression shirt. We paid the whopping almost $30 for a Sens-ational Hug shirt from Fun and Function but find that it isn't giving her quite enough input. We have bought two other under armor type shirts in the girls XS size but they swim on her. We have settled for thermal shirts and the one sens-ational hug shirt but would love to find something better.

It just seems like as soon as we get things settled into a schedule or routine it is time to shake it up again... Better start playng the lottery to start affording these pieces of equipment. :D

**Looks like the shirt at Fun and Function may be on sale so if you are in the market check it out now.


  1. Is it something that I might be able to make for her/you? Right now I'm busy but worse case it might be something I could do after I whittle away at my to-do list or after baby comes...

  2. M - I don't know why not. It needs to be a really stretchy, lightweight basic shirt. I know you have your hands full but it would be awesome if I could have you make them in the future. They are something we will be using for a while so it would be awesome!!!