Friday, December 10, 2010

The good

Part of dealing with a child who is atypical is learning to take the good with the bad. There is always going to be your fair share of bad. Hence the atypical. We are a society based off of "fitting in" so when you don't it can be tough. But I digress...

Anyway, you have to learn to find the good. The parts about your new life that you never saw coming. The community of friends who support you. The way people can be so kind when they know that your child deals with so much. The kindness people often show to parents who have to deal with all of this "differentness". There is a lot of silver lining.

I was thinking about this issue this week and I feel like when it comes to this blog and what I share I tend to focus on the negative. This, however, is NOT how we view our life. We see so much more good than bad. We were meant to be both of our girls parents. It is why I was put on earth... no doubt in my mind. SO in that vain I want to make an effort to share as much of the good as I do the bad.

Here goes... and this is a big one. Last week I went to "flex week" at the girls school. Basically once a month the school opens it's doors to the parents of the preschool disabled program and allows us to come in and watch a therapy session. We get to talk to the therapists, ask questions, work on strategies and give our input. It is awesome! So when I went this week I was showered with praise for both of my children. I was blown away. They are good kids but who knew just how good they could be. :D

What amazed me is how much I heard about Abby's "higher than average aptitude". She is rocking preschool. She is the only kid who knows all of her letters on sight, can spell some words and has advanced mathematical skills. They want to test her next year because they think she is so above level that we might need to increase her academic challenges.

I don't say this to brag. I say this because this is a child who wasn't supposed to be able to walk, talk or think. And here she is the brightest kid in her grade. Amazing!

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