Sunday, December 12, 2010

Off Days

Abby has been having a lot of those lately. In the past couple of years we have quickly learned to tell the difference between the typical day and the "off" day. Today was an obvious "off" day. It started in the morning when she was stuffy and sneezy. It continued with the note home from her teacher that she had an "off" day (:D... ironic, huh?), had trouble paying attention and she had a big fall after tripping over her own feet.

The rest of the day was not a whole lot better. Flapping, spinning, head rolling, whining, falling, head bumping, twisted foot, etc. It was not a good day. It seems like lately we have had a fair amount of these kinds of days. I am not sure whether to blame it on the weather, the excessive amount of time spent inside, the exhaustion from a day at school or what...

Our goal as her parents is to use our "detective eyes" (as our OT calls them) to stay ahead of anything new. When we go to her specialists the first thing they always ask is "has anything changed". For a long while the answer has been no. We've been plodding along doing well and counting all of our small victories. It seems like this next round of doctor appointments (starting in a few weeks) we will be answering that question differently. The frustrating thing is that as doctors like to do, anything new means more tests. I have to be honest with them because we don't want to miss anything but we HATE more tests.

We are hoping (like mad) that it is more of a phase than a real "change". Guess we'll see...

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