Monday, October 1, 2012

Even MORE allergies

For the past three weeks or so Abby has been a hot mess. Her face has been broken out in a horrible rash (that looks like a burn) and she has been itchy non-stop. The past week or so it has gotten worse and worse. She has bumps on her chest, arms and back. Her face looked like someone threw acid on her. Despite all of our efforts with Aquafor, Benadryl, oatmeal baths, hydrocortisone, and many other attempts NOTHING has helped.

**This picture doesn't even do justice to how bad it had gotten. 

We decided to sit down and go through her diet and see what has changed. It became clear that the one thing she has eaten WAY more of in the past three weeks to a month are an organic bar called a Halo bar. They are something we found at Whole Foods and they are vegan. They are also free of blueberry and tree nut. I took a look at the ingredient list and the second ingredient listed was Agave. For those of you following along with the food allergy soap opera that is Abigail we (and by we I mean Brian, but please don't tell him that I am admitting he *might* be right) suspected Agave to be on her list.

This morning we didn't give her a Halo bar (she has one for breakfast every morning and one in the afternoon) and her skin looked clear. When the bus pulled up this afternoon and she got off I held my breath a little... A CLEAR FACE and no itching!

So I think we might have found our culprit. They do not skin test for Agave as of yet so for now we will add this to the strict avoidance list. I am just thrilled that we figured it out before she started scarring!

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