Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Much, MUCH better

I meant to post sooner for those who worried about our girl. The transition to school was HARD! Going from being home all day to a full day at school is a lot for any kid. For a kid who struggles with being tired and wearing out easily it is even harder. Thankfully the hysteria was fleeting. By day three she went from crying all morning to this:

It probably didn't hurt that she was bribed with this:

Lord knows I am not above a little positive reinforcement to get things moving in our house. In all seriousness seeing her that upset was devastating. She is tough as nails so when SHE is complaining that it's too hard it breaks my heart.

Thankfully she is now very happy to go to school. We went to back to school night and got a much better feel for her classroom, her teacher and what we could do to help her days go more smoothly. Things are going MUCH better now!

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  1. Good for you Abby and Mum, so glad things are working out