Monday, September 17, 2012

A Much Difference School Experience

Written by Heidi:

  Unlike Kris's experience with Abby's school system Ethan's school had plenty of pre and post communication. This is his 4th year attending the public school with 2 years of preschool, kindergarten and now 1st grade. First grade means a full day of school. This brings up my biggest worry (similar to Kris's) as the fatigue sets in balance and head rolls seem to become more exaggerated. This obviously creates a set of issues in an academic setting. 

 We met with the team of PT, OT, out going teacher, nurse and principal at the end of the year last year. His OT and PT were not changing. The Nurse, who was awesome, was retiring so we met with the new school nurse the week before school started, and met with a whole team which included his main teacher, special education teacher, an extra aide they were assigning for recess, the PE teacher, and the aide that was roaming between 2 1st grade classroom the Friday prior to school starting.

 I have to say this impressed me. I felt like everyone was on board and ready to start the year. They understood the need for safety with his hemet during recess and PE along with his kidney shield. They asked many questions and took many notes. I felt like there were enough staff on hand that if there was an absences from one of his main teachers there was enough awareness of the others presence and also Ethan's on what needed to take place. 

 Ethan still rides the Special Needs bus and has had the same bus driver and aide for the past 4 years so nothing new there either. I'm not sure how much longer he will need to ride this bus so maybe he will be able to transition off this bus this year. Goals!! 

 The team this year has it together and I am very thankful for this. At least at this moment we can concentrate on his school experience and learning and not the "special" aspects that come with raising an RS child.

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