Friday, September 7, 2012

Kindergarten ... Day Two

So far so good. There have been minimal tears and not a lot of drama. Day one was a cake walk which was not what I expected. I thought out of the two of them SOMEONE would be in hysterics by the time the bus rolled up. Not the case. Then I thought maybe they were saving that fun for day two. Again, nope! I am thrilled about that.

The things I am not thrilled about...

1. I have written two notes to the teacher and one e-mail and gotten NO RESPONSE! I feel like since she is there full day and is only five having open communication isn't asking for a lot. That leaves me a little cold.

2. She has told me that she has cried a couple of times about missing Grace and I. And she says she has cried to the point that they had to "take a walk". I wish I knew exactly what is going on. Again... nothing from school.

3. She is not getting the rest period mid-day that I was assured the class would get. By the time she comes home she can't keep from flapping, spinning and head rolling for the rest of the day.

I guess it could be a heck of a lot worse. She is navigating the bus with little problem and I was very fearful of the bus. She seems to be doing okay with the lunch situation there (I send her lunch because of her allergies). Next week is Back To School night so I am VERY anxious to get to meet her teacher and get the "deets".

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