Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school

Tomorrow Abby goes back to school. She starts kindergarten and this year she will be in the MDK which stands for Multiple Disabilities Kindergarten. It makes me a little sad that she needs this "labeling" but I do know that she needs the extra support and therapy this classroom will provide.

Unlike many schools we send our children back without having had an open house, back to school night or meet-and-greet. Our first chance to meet the girls kinder teachers will be next week. So I send my little girl with all of her needs and issues and eccentricities with no way to "warn" her teachers. I want to pin post it notes all over her and explain how she can easily pitch over and fall if she is in a chair with no arms. I want to explain that she metabolizes her food too fast and will be hungry every two hours. I want to make sure they know that if she starts to roll her head uncontrollably she needs to rest whether she thinks she does or not. It scares the hell out of me.

Sending her out into the world scares me like crazy. At home I can protect her or slow her down or remind her how to do things safely. Who is reminding he when I am not there? (and all I can say is amen to our school only being one story!!)

So tomorrow I load her onto the REGULAR school bus full of "typical" kids and hope and pray for the best. I pray her teachers protect her and "get" her and understand her. I pray that Grace is enough to help her on and off the bus in the am. I pray for a minimal amount of bumps and bruises. I just pray she'll be ok.


  1. How was her first day back??

  2. She did awesome!!! Absolutely loved it!