Monday, September 10, 2012

Feeding Issues and the Public School System

Abby has a two fold dietary issue. The first part is that she is severely allergic to eggs, milk, tree nuts and blueberries. Not only can't she eat them but she also can't touch them. The second part is the more traditional RS feeding issues. She tends to overstuff her mouth, forgets to chew, makes a giant mess, flaps when she eats, has trouble with certain textures, has a weak suck, etc.

Most of the children in our school system buy their lunch but because of her issues that isn't an option. One of the things that stressed me out all summer was how was Abby going to do with eating at school? At home and in preschool someone sits with her at all times when she eats. The fact that she is a big mess maker pales in comparison to the fear of her choking. What I don't know and still can't get an answer to is how closely is she being monitored when she eats?

I decided to shell out the big bucks for the Planetbox lunch system. It is easy enough that even with her poor motor skills, weak hand muscles and lousy hand eye coordination she can still open it pretty much by herself. It also allows me to pack her foods specifically so she is safe. It cost us almost $70 but if we were buying lunch it would probably take us all of two months or so to be at that cost. So well worth it for us. I just pray that it is enough to keep her fed and safe!

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