Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poor baby girl

My super trooper has gone (very quickly) for adoring school to hating it. She has voiced some concerns about being tired and going all day. She has said that she misses me a lot. Well... last night at 1:30 I heard her sobbing on the monitor. She does that when she has a leg cramp so I poked my head in to tell her I was grabbing tylenol and gatorade and she choked out "I don't wanna go to school tomorrow". I wanted to bawl along with her.

We weren't sold on the idea of full day kindergarten to begin with. It's a VERY long day for a kid like Abby who tires easily. She had been doing so well we figured it was the right move. Now, I just don't know...

We're not doing anything imminently. We have to see if it just the transition and if it gets better. We can't make any big moves right now. It just sucks to see her so sad. She cried ALL MORNING getting ready. Everything from not wanting to be away from me to saying she would be embarrassed to cry. It broke my heart. We did this all last year with Grace so you'd think it would be easier.

She reluctantly got on the bus crying her tiny little eyes out. I wanted to grab her off the bus and take her home. This sucks! Hoping she at least had a good day when she got there. Probably won't hurt that I went to Target while she was at school to buy her like five treats (which I don't ever do!). :D


  1. Oh, poor Abby! I can imagine that being there all day is exhausting. Kate is beat after a half day of kindergarten and doesn't tire as easily.

    I agree that you should wait and see how she transitions. Is she getting any rest time during the day?

    Hugs to you both. Hopefully you can figure something out that isn't so tough on either of you.

  2. I find it interesting since where we live there is no such thing as half day kindergarten unless you go to a private school. All the kids here seem to adjust to the full day. They just go to bed super early. I think what must be really hard is knowing her sister goes half day and she has to go full day.