Friday, March 4, 2011

Melatonin... the wonder drug

I am in awe. I am dumbfounded. When the neurogeneticist mentioned Melatonin for Abby's sleep issues I figured we would try it for a couple of months, check it off the list and then continue down our path towards a sleep study. I ordered her dosage online in no hurry at all and gave it to her the day we got it.

It was a Friday. It happened to be a rare almost-seventy-degree-day so when she fell right to sleep I chocked it up to the massive amount of exercise more than the drug. Then came Saturday. A less beautiful day but we did spend much of our time outside. Again, she slept.

I am elated to announce that she has slept EVERY SINGLE NIGHT SINCE! I cannot even believe it as I write it. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am waiting for the effects to "wear off" or "stop working". But they haven't. She is sleeping. Not only is she going to sleep with TEN minutes of going to bed but she is asking to be put to bed and staying asleep ALL NIGHT!

So it took almost four years and a mind boggling, hair pulling, eye crossing, roller coaster ride but we're there. We are getting some sleep. We are having some peace at night.

It is heaven! I am a believer.

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