Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pronating again?

Over the past few days Abby has been complaining that her ankles are "acting funny". Then we noticed that she is back to "rolling her ankles". It is like when you or I are walking and your ankle just sort of stops working for a second. In her case the muscles that keep her leg straight have always been weak. The braces helped last year but it seemed like the need for them had minimized.

Well... we find ourselves back where we started. The PT at school is going to take a look at her without her shoes next week and we will talk about the next step. I am SO hoping braces are not in the future. Although they work and she didn't complain about them too much they are still a pain. They cost a fortune, they are one more thing to put on and off and when you pay $700 for two pieces of plastic you feel like you have to guard them with your life. :D

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