Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why do I ride in a stroller?

The other day the girls and I were walking home from my Mom's house. Abby came off the bus exhausted and asked to ride in her stroller. She hopped in and we headed out. When we walked home Grace asked if she could ride in the stroller. I told her only if Abby didn't need it. She looked at me and asked "why is that Abby's stroller?" Then they both looked at me with saucer eyes waiting for my answer.

In that moment a flood of answers came into my head. Because Abby has RS? Because Abby has weak leg muscles? Because Abby's condition limits her stamina?

What I said was "because Abs gets tired fast when we walk". Thankfully they both accepted that answer and went about their business.

What it conjured up for me is the explanation... the inevitable discussion about why and how she is "different". At three she has little consciousness that she is atypical. She is too little to know what she is "supposed" to do. The older she gets the more she asks questions about why she can't manage to do certain things that Grace can do. 99% of the time we just tell her that her body isn't ready but it will be. We don't want her listing her "can'ts".

But... I see the writing on the wall. Many discussions are in our future regarding this subject. Many tears will be shed about what she can't do. I pray that we have managed to raise a child with enough self-confidence to say "screw what I can't do". I hope.

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