Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Girl in the little red wagon

Abby is known in our neighborhood as the girl (or twin) in the little red wagon. She generally lacks stamina. The weak muscle tone in her legs makes it hard for her to walk more than about a quarter mile without falling or tiring. So, when we take our nightly walk, go to the pool or walk to my Moms house around the corner we almost always take Abby's little red wagon. Almost every one of our neighbors at one point or another has either asked (why) or pointed out that fact that every time they see us go by Grace is walking along and Abby is riding and smiling. For a while I tried explaining that she walked because she tired quickly or fell frequently but then realized that it really isn't anyones business. So I just smile and nod.

I am glad that she doesn't mind. She likes her wagon and her stroller. It makes me sad that every single time we go for a walk she obsessively asks if we are bringing her wagon. She now knows that she will tire and need to ride. She is simply planning ahead. It's a smart type of accommodation. It just makes me feel bad that she worries about these things.

But thankfully she loves her wagon and she looks darn cute in it. :D


  1. I love seeing kids in wagons, it's very cute.

    Abby seems to be making the most of her limitations. I'm sure there will be days when she gets very frustrated.

  2. F - Good point! I promise to get a picture of her up soon!

  3. So glad to find your blog, my 10 month old son was just diagnosed with RS on Tuesday, great reading how well your daughter is...and they are both adorable! Would love to connect, Thanks!!