Sunday, September 12, 2010

A VERY big fall

Falling is such a normal part of Abby's life that most of the time when she falls she doesn't cry or carry on. She simply gets up, assesses whether she's bleeding or hurt and runs back to what she was doing. It is part of her incredible resilience. When I stop to think about the fact that at over three I still worry about her falling the same way I did when the girls were one sucks. The poor kid she be as sure footed as any other kid. But she isn't so what can you do.

Anyway, this week we were at a new park (which is deadly for Abby since new places are the hardest for her) and she was slowly making her way around. There was this strange slide that kind of loops to the side at the middle of the slide down. She went down slowly the first time (using her feet to slow herself). The second time when she tried to go full speed when she hit the loop out (which was about 7 feet off the ground) she went head first off the slide and landed on her neck. Thankfully I was standing right there. I hate to say that I have become so numb to these instances that it barely phases me. I kept her on the ground for a minute to make sure she didn't hurt anything. Once I let her up she ran right back to the slide. : - ) I wanted to keep her off of it but thought it would send a bad message. We settled on me standing at the bend to help her.

The whole thing just got me worrying. How many times can you fall like that before something breaks? How many times can you get incredibly lucky? When you fall about 100 times more often than the typical kid doesn't that increase your chances of a serious injury by 100 times? It scares me. Every time she falls like that I hold my breath until she moves. Is this the time she is going to let out that scream that tells me she is hurt? Is this the time that something will be broken? When I go to sleep at night I pray that God protects her from herself but also that if she does break something please just let it be a wrist or an arm... not a neck or her back. It feels so morbid but it is just her reality.

Why do kids like Abby not come complete with a bubble???

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