Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Like every other mother in the world who has had to wave goodbye to their baby on the first day of school I am so sad that my babies will be wisked away from me so soon. I never would have thought that at THREE I would be sending my kids to school five days a week. It makes my heart hurt.

What really freaks me out is this is Abby's first experience with the world without me. I know her. I know what she looks like when she is more tired and more wobbly. I know what disruptions in her environment are going to cause her to fall. I know that when she steps up a curb you MUST hold her hand or she will land on her face. I know that sometimes when she climbs up the steps to the slide her brain will flake and she will let go. BUT THEY WON'T! She has a one-on-one aide for now but even though she is responsible for Abby's safety she doesn't KNOW her. I am so afraid of the call that she has fallen and is hurt. I fear that she will spend too much time in the nurses office (every time she gets injured she has to go to the nurse and they have to call me). I am afraid that it is going to be a struggle for her physically.

I am so thankful that she is so smart and so verbal. I know that she will express her needs, ask for help and tell the people around her if things are not right for her. That is why I can sleep at night right now. It is just so frightening that she, at such a young age, she has to go out there and fend for herself.

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  1. Oh hugs. I hope it goes great and I hope for a smooth transition for everyone!