Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life without therapy

Is like tight rope walking without a net. It sounds cool in theory but in practice is scary and stressful. I was so psyched at the thought of having a summer of no therapy. Since Abby was four months old we have been doing one therapy or another. After spending years having three or four therapists in our home a week it sounded heavenly. At first it was. No getting up early to have them ready for therapy. No missing out on things because we have a session. It was nice.

But then the effects of having no therapy began. More flapping. More tantrums. More behavioral issues in general. I think our life with therapists coming and going seemed like such a chore but what I didn't realize was that "chore" was keeping us grounded. It gave me direction for what to do each week. It gave us all the strategies that we needed for every problem that came up. It gave me someone to talk to when I needed to know what to do. It was a support system for all of us.

I miss it... a lot.

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