Thursday, June 17, 2010

Helmet or no helmet?

One of the big questions Brian and I kicked around with the child study team was when Abby would wear her helmet. They were wonderful about it and (because she will have a personal aid) allowed us to guide the decision making. We considered all day wear and quickly shot that down. We then considered her wearing it only when she is out of the classroom but shot that down too because that would mean whenever she left the room she would have to wear it.

For now we have agreed that Abby will wear a helmet when she plays on the playground. While I hate the thought of her having to go through the stigma of wearing a bright red helmet I would hate more if she got a head injury because she wasn't wearing it. It feels like a conundrum. Like as the Mom I have to weigh in things like what other kids will think or say as well as her safety. I wish it was an easy answer but I also wish the poor kid didn't need a helmet.

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