Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life without therapy

It has been a whole new world for us getting up in the morning and not immediately preparing for whatever therapist is coming that day. There are both pros and cons. Where I used to have someone to help me figure out what strategies to be employing that week it is now just me. At the same time we used to have to working on strategies all week long and now we can do what we want. Instead of OT, PT and speech we have gymnastics, story time and the pool. Which sounds more fun to you??? :D

It won't last forever, I know that. School will start in September and I will be wishing for the EI days where I was involved. Where I, above anyone else, knew the goals and the strategies. Now it will be teachers and aides that know more about my kids therapy than I do. That part makes me sad. Circle of life I guess. The way I see it Moms were probably not meant to act as therapists. I wish I could do it all but I'm just me.

For the next month and a half I am bound and determined for the 3 of us to enjoy our newfound freedom.

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