Tuesday, June 2, 2015


When I was reading over an e-mail I was composing to update how Abby has been doing to our friends at the University of Washington I had to take a minute, sit back, and think about how far this child has come. This what I had written:

I apologize for the delay in my response. Abby is going amazingly well. Her health has been excellent over the past year. She still has asthma, very serious food allergies and is small in stature but this has been her healthiest year yet! She is academically well above average. She is finished the 2nd grade school year reading above the 5th grade level and on par with 4th grade math. She still participates in OT and PT but will scale back her OT in the coming school year. Her balance steadily improves over time but she periodically experiences balance “setbacks”. We haven’t established whether it’s inner ear fluid, growth or just her RES that causes it. She is participating in track (yes, TRACK!) and doing so much better than we even expected. We thought she would be the slowest on her team and that is not true. She falls occasionally but can run very FAST! She just qualified for our local track and field championship in both a relay event and the long jump. She can long jump over 7 feet, despite her only 45” frame. She is attempting to qualify for the junior olympics in the long jump event. 

Is this the same kid I used to write about? Is this the same girl who we truly thought might never walk or climb or sit on her own? Can this really be the kid that required 5 day a week therapy to ensure she could learn to roll over? 

How can this be??? 

It is amazing. I will never, ever, ever forget how long and hard we all had to work to get her here. The therapy, surgery, doctors visits, exercises, appointments, hours of conversations and planning and on and on and on. It was SO DAMN HARD for all of us. But this, this makes it all worth it. 


  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing!

  2. It's amazing to me how far she has come. She is a huge inspiration.