Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Step Towards Growing Up

Written by Heidi:

We finally have Ethan involved in extra activities OTHER then doctor appointments and therapy. Its been laying heavy on me not signing him up for anything but with an older child already involved in a few activities, juggling Ethans "extras" and work I've sort of put it off. Can we say GUILT!

It (the dreaded mother guilt we all can attest to) was really settling in as he is now seven and half and our older child was in swimming at age 1. So scouting has become our life over the past few weeks. Travis, our older son, has been in scouts since he was in the 2nd grade but as a Boy Scout, I don't have to hold his hand nearly as much, so I felt very compelled to at least do the same for Ethan. Its been great to see him with peers and to not Forget that he CAN be just a little boy. A boy who can run and jump, salute and share with other boys the excitement of being a team.
It sets my heart with a warmth that makes me feel like I'm not doing that bad of a job at this parenting thing.


  1. Heidi, Guilt should not be in your vocabulary!! You are a super special mum

  2. Thank you! Parenting is tough!

  3. You and Chris are doing an amazing job ! Big brother, Travis too !