Sunday, August 11, 2013

Part of being Abby

There are many occasions as a parent of an RS kid where we are "forced" to explain things. Why does she fall so much? Why does she turn her head back and forth? Why is she so small? For the longest time this would send me into a dissertation about RS and what it is. But then Abby got old enough to understand.

At some point it dawned on me that maybe she doesn't want to be a soapbox. Maybe she doesn't want to listen to her mother give the same lecture on her oddly formed brain. I wouldn't. 

So we tried some other things. Shorter explanations. Just saying she has RS and letting people wonder. Saying she has some vague developmental issues and stopping the conversations. And even getting annoyed when people were rude enough to ask. 

But then I realized it was time to take my own advice. Why does she fall? Because its part if being Abby. Why does she roll her head? Because its part of being Abby. 

Funny thing is... It works.

Posted by Kristen Fescoe


  1. Yep we call charlies falling a 'charlie moment' . I have too given up explaining to strangers, why should we have to. He may only be 4 but hes able to give a basic explanation to people if he feels he wants too xx

  2. Those are my favorite moments... listening to her explain her clumsiness or falling to someone else. It's a scream. People look so confused! :D