Tuesday, July 23, 2013

RS Oddities

One of the things I have found most peculiar about RS are the tiny little oddities. Not the balance problems or brain malformations but the smaller things people might not even notice. Things like the fact that her baby toes are oddly shaped. Her hair and nails are very thin. Her tooth enamel is weak. Her sternum is shaped oddly. She has bald patches (alopecia) on both sides of her head. She cannot regulate her body temperature well. Her resting body temp is very high (99.2 on average). She metabolizes food faster than anyone I have ever met. She experiences pain in the strangest ways.

It fascinates me. Some of her doctors are equally fascinated while others are driven crazy when I ask for the hundredth time whether some of those things are RS related or Abby related. I guess it's all part of her mystery.

This week she came to me in tears complaining of severe burning pain in her face. She was BESIDE herself and scaring me half to death. I went for ice and Brian gave her Tylenol. When she chomped down on the tylenol she told Brian it hurt. Turns out the burning pain was from a molar coming in. And just like that... no more pain. It was almost as if as soon as her body could process the pain the experience of the pain was gone.

She is a riddle that one. :D

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