Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's Talk OT

Written by Heidi:

From the time Ethan was 3 months old I asked and asked and asked his neurologist for an OT referral. His first sign that OT might be necessary where his fists. He clenched them .... ALL the time. Even during sleep.  I believe that the doctors were so thrilled that his cerebellum was growing to the right size (it hadn't been before 3 months old on ultrasound).  At this point we hadn't had an MRI yet, so we were unaware of his RS. Because of the "normal size" they just wanted to throw him into the "normal" category.  By 6 months it was becoming obvious this wasn't going to happen.

So finally, at 8 months we had our initial evaluation. And so it began. Therapy became our life. Everywhere I looked I saw therapy. Play became therapy. Diaper changes became therapy. We brushed him, yes I said brushed, from head to toe with those infant hairbrush they give you at the hospital. This was to stimulate his neurons. We wanted to get them going and activated (we were told this should happen before age 2). We had bean boxes, ( I believe every kid needs one....what fun!), we had putty to hide buttons and coins...great travel therapy!

And so our days of therapy continue. OT has been loads of fun with Therapeutic Listening, seek and find puzzles, a push pin letter thing I made up and so on. But it has paid off! His writing is so close to his peers.  All this being said tying his shoes is a constant battle...but that is every kid...right!!??


  1. You and Ethan are doing an amazing job! Amazing kid amazing mum! Inspirational. Just loved his bicycle riding.

  2. Is that Ethan in the picture with the ILS headphones? I hope so, and if not, please everyone, look into ILS wherever you live! If there are no OT/PT practioners using ILS, go to the Integrated Listening System website and buy one, and buy a sensory pillow too. Please!! It has been miraculous in our lives, for our 5 year old with RES. I don't sell them or have any connection, other than being a parent and seeing the changes in my child.

  3. yes it is! Love those headphones have used them for over 2 years! They work wonders! Heidi