Sunday, April 21, 2013

Was it SPD or him taking control?

Written by Heidi:

Ethan has been great with therapy. His PT and OT's over the years have introduced many fun and interesting homework assignment and devices for his use.  I have to say we have taken our homework seriously and done everything they have shared with us. We didn't want to look back and say why didn't we try harder for him. My type A personality wouldn't allow that. So with that being said he has excelled in his therapy goals and we continue to set new ones and Ethan has pretty much been an easy going partner in this journey. Until....

A couple of PT sessions ago his PT had decided to change his under garmet therapy pressure suit called a TheraTog which he has worn for 3 years to a different suit called a Spio Vest. He keeps outgrowing the Theratog and it has a few pieces that seem to come undone or loose throughout the day. As he has become older and more active this seems to have more issues at school. 

Prior to her trying the sample suit on he hadn't worn his theratog to school due to school function, pictures, etc. and surprisingly his behaviour in school had been excellent. Being "smart old Ethan" he chalked it up to not needing his 'behaviour suit' anymore. He threw a fit at therapy even running into a closet and trying to lock himself into it. This isn't typical Ethan reaction, he will usually just tell you matter of fact he's not doing it. He also started throwing issues in regards his shoe inserts.
So after the session I was able to talk to him. He was telling me suit was too tight and it's so uncomfortable and itchy and so many other what I classify as SPD. So we came up with an agreement to give the suit a break possibly til next school year depending on how things go since his behaviour prior to not wearing the suit was decreasing in school and then was fantastic for a week and half when he didn't wear it which is usually the complete opposite!  But shoe insets we decided would be a must.
Later I heard him telling one of the neighbor boys notice anything different about me, no special suit!

So I wonder, did he really show some SPD issues or did he work his magic to not wear it because kids have been noticing it....

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