Monday, December 17, 2012

Travels to Family...

Written by Heidi:

We recently got to travel back home by way of an 800 mile car trip west to visit our family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We haven't done this for 3 long years. Several excuses, we are very busy, work and school get in the way, along with therapy, doctor visits and extra outside activities that the boys are involved in.

One thing that does happen as we travel is Ethan's vestibular gets set off (more than usual) and we always seem to have a few days of a "reset". Also throw into the mix being in a new environment around new people. I always worry how this is going to turn out. Surprisingly this time wasn't too bad. We decided to throw caution to the wind and abandon our typical routine. Not daily eye exercises, Theratog or Therapeutic Listening Headphones. No daily balance on his knees or exercises. What we ended up with was a relaxed trip!

What my poor father-in-law ended up with was a little shadow for the week! :) Poor Grandpa couldn't go anywhere without Ethan on his tail! And I forget that although we are so use to the falls and trips that happen throughout the day, those who are not accustomed to this sometimes feel like it is their fault.

There was particular day that Ethan was with his Grandpa and he had fallen nose first into the coffee table (bruise on nose), had scrapes on hands from a fall in street from a walk the night before, and then fallen suddenly in the street as they walked back from the park resulting in a bump and bruise on his forehead. My poor dear father-in-law was overwhelmed. The poor man felt like it was his fault. We assured him this was completely normal and was really so much better then it use to be. I guess we are so used to it, it just doesn't faze us. Unless there is a pretty good scream or cry associated with the fall or cut we know we just don't need to react.

I am so proud of how far Ethan has come. Five, four, even three years ago we were in such a different place then we are now with this child. We know when we travel what to expect. He is going to be off a little. His strength continues to improve and we continue to work on things that come up. I can't imagine what the next 3,4,5 years will bring!!!

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