Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We are about four months into school and I could not be more pleased. Abby has come so far academically in four short months it is mind boggling. She is sounding out words, adding and subtracting, matching, learning about science and history... I am in awe. The biggest component is that she has a teacher who complete rocks. It also helps that she is in a program where she gets all the support that she needs. In her classroom (all day!) is a special ed teacher, two aides and a one on one aide for Abby's best friend who has motor delays. She also has her PT and OT who are the same ones she had in preschool.

Each week she also goes to the library, gym, computers, art and music. Her days are so full of learning and fun that she comes home with so many stories to tell. I am amazed every day that despite her full days she is rarely tired. They have found the perfect balance of scheduled rest time and activities.

I could not be happier!

Posted by Kristen Fescoe