Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Language Development

On to the next question I wanted to get to. Language development...

When I was pregnant with the girls I was told that Abby might never speak. Because of this we spent some time learning how to use basic sign language. As the girls got older they learned to sign beautifully. They were able to communicate their basic needs with their hands. It was great!

We were very surprised when Abby started to talk. AND TALK AND TALK AND TALK! (Oddly Grace ended up being the one who needed help with her speech.) Once she started talking she never stopped. LITERALLY! The kid talks and talks and talks, non-stop.

At one point she developed what they called an ataxic stutter. She would mildly stutter many of her words. Thankfully it remit before she ever needed speech therapy. Now she gets speech therapy only in the form of a speech group at school.

So all in all speech development was one of the few areas that Abby excelled in from early on. I guess what you lack in one area you DO make up for in another. :D

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