Thursday, February 2, 2012

Early PT

A lot of people, in the past, asked a lot of questions about what PT looked like for a baby. We think of physical therapy in terms of building muscle and training our bodies. But when you are working with a six month old how can this possibly be done. In Abby's life she has had four physical therapists and each has approached her "condition" a little different. Some insisted on pushing her (which we LOVE). Some let her off the hook more than we would like. But all have done pretty amazing things with her development.

I recently came across some old video's of us working on her PT at home. She was about 8 months old here and working on rolling over.

And, yes... we were using food as a motivator. :D It doesn't look like much but it is a specific body motion geared towards rolling over.

This one is from when we were teaching her to sit up on her own. She was about 13 months when she mastered this skill. It was a completely taught skill. She had no ability to do this on her own.

The last one is at 13 months working on sitting up from laying down.

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