Friday, February 10, 2012


During the course of Abby's PT she took a lot of weird paths. She could do more difficult things before she could do simpler things. For instance she could sit up (in a Boppy) before she could roll over. It was all part of the way "she is wired". When she started to crawl (at around 13 or 14 months) we were amazed at her progress. We didn't think she would crawl for a couple more months but she decided she was ready.

The funny part was that when she crawled she looked like a robot. It was mostly because it was a completely "taught" skill. We had spent months working on it in PT and teacher her how to manipulate her body so when she finally crawled it was a mechanical motion... not the natural one of most babies.

We fondly named it "The MechaniCrawl"

**Hope you enjoyed the bonus material of the Grace temper tantrum. :D


  1. Thanks so much for posting these earlier videos. As a parent of young baby with RS its really helpful to see some blog posts of the early issues that we'll be facing. It helps motivate me do our PT exercises when I see how all the hard work has paid off with Abby

  2. Glad it helps! I'll keep them coming. :D