Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Big Mouth

Today I got a note home from school in Abby’s journal. Each day I get a little note about how the day went, if anything happened, etc. Many days I will get a word about Abby falling or bumping her head or something like that. Other, more irritating days, I get the notes that she was naughty or pulled her “I’m tired” scam. :D

Today I got a two page letter giving me info on both girls progress. Academically they are both excelling. They are way beyond where they should be verbally. While Abby struggles to keep up with Grace in terms of fine motor (mostly writing) she is soaring with her verbal usage and comprehension. Anyway, after smiling like mad about my super smart kids I got the other side of the story. The teacher had written the usual about Grace’s inability to sit still and her trouble with transitions. We’re well aware of that.

The part I didn’t see coming was the part about my loud mouth smaller child. I usually get notes that she is fairly quiet at school, unlike at home. She is now talking through circle time, not being quiet when asked and is requiring cues throughout the day to pipe down. After two years of hearing how quiet she is (despite her big mouth at home) they are now seeing the real Abby.

The worst part is that as I read this I laughed… out loud. I probably should have punished her or done something about it. Instead I couldn’t help but laugh. I think this weird, small part of me was elated to get a letter like this. Not about her helmet or her millionth time but instead typical bratty kid stuff. It was oddly refreshing. :D


  1. I So get why you laughed! I saved Ethan's note from his teacher (I am glad it has only been 1) on when he received a red in color that day for talking too much in circle time and so forth! So refreshing to have that in his bookbag over an IEP to sign or the bumps and nurse visits!
    RS mom in VA

  2. This isn't quite the same but in a similar vein, we needed to get Wyatt's heart murmur checked...it turned out to be an Innocent Stills murmur--pretty normal for a kid his age. I was so excited to call my husband to tell him Wyatt had something normal!!