Saturday, January 14, 2012


So far Abby has been having an awesome year at school. My biggest complaint would be that she has learned how to "work over" her teachers and she does regularly. She has learned that any time she doesn't want to do a task she can claim to be tired and put her head down... then she is allowed to skip the task. The little bugger is way too clever for her own good. She will come home from school with a page of three scribbles where Grace will have an entire project. We may have her number but school sure doesn't in that respect. :D

One of the lingering issues her physical therapist has been working on is her impulsivity. She has become quite impulsive in the past year or so. We've been working on strategies to work on this with her developmental pediatrician. Where we are seeing the least progress is her motor impulsivity. Things like rushing down the stairs (to the point of falling), jumping off high spots, climbing things she shouldn't, etc. Her PT at school has been noticing a lot of this at school.

The way we have been handling it is by using a lot of reminders and safety warnings. We try to have her count the stairs as she climbs them. This was she is forced to slow down. When she is at the park she might have to look down to be sure she knows where she is. In some respects you have to love the free spirit that sparks her to do these things. She is just so thirsty for life that she can't slow herself down. On the other hand, as her Mom, it scares the hell out of me that one of these days she's going to seriously hurt herself.

Hopefully time and maturation will help her learn to regulate her behavior better. Not sure if that day will ever come but here's hoping! :D

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