Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some regressions

As a parent of a child with RS we have always made sure that we keep Abby moving forward. No matter how slow her progress the docs and therapists have always been pleased as long as she is moving forward. For probably the first time in her life she has taken a few steps back. Her fine and gross motor skills seem to have slightly declined. Her self-feeding skills have backslid tremendously. Her social skills (which really were never good) seem to be on the decline and her sensory system is all out of whack.

I have talked to her OT and PT at school and they are seeing it but somewhat at a loss. We are considering finding a private OT to help work on her skills to make sure she doesn't backslide any more. When you make continual progress it's really tough to see any regression.

Hopefully it is temporary. It could be a growth spurt (which always make life a little tough on her). It could be issues with something like inner ear fluid. Who the heck knows. Hopefully we'll figure it out... soon!

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