Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rough Weekend

When Abby started this weekend she was in good shape. No visual bumps, bruises or scrapes. It's now 10 o'clock on Sunday night and I put her to bed with:

a black eye (fall at the table where she banged her head),
scrapes on both of her hands (tripped over extension cord while we were blowing our leaves),
a cut on her nose (a fall off her bench at the playroom table),
an egg on her head (also the trip over the cord),
breakout under her mouth (from crying and drooling) and
bruises all over her legs (from multiple falls throughout the weekend when we went outside to clean our leaves).

Pity is not something I feel for my daughter very often. I don't think anyone wants to be pitied. But as I put my beaten up little baby to bed I felt just awful. If only I could put her in bubble wrap... :D


  1. only another rs mom could read this and at the end think, bubble wrap is such good fine motor therapy! On the flip side i don't mean to joke but it's the way i get thru it all. Your baby will heal. At least she had a normal family weekend doing normal family chores. That's what she will remember! Rs family n va! (ethan)

  2. We do LOVE bubble wrap as a "toy". It's amazing what entertains them. :D

  3. Hello RS moms, I wondered if either of you would be willing to speak with me regarding RS. My husband and I are considering adopting a child from Colombia. We spent last weekend with her while she was staying in the US and have fallen in love, but then received her MRI report saying she has RS. We truly want to help this child and she has bonded with us as well, we need to know what questions to ask of the doctors about the MRI, the diagnosis, what we may expect for her future and beyond.

  4. Hi Angela,

    I would be MORE than happy to speak with you. Abby is now four and a half and we have learned as much about RS as we can. E-mail me any time!! My e-mail addy is in my profile.

  5. Kristen can past on my info once you get hers from her profile. We have a 5 year boy who is doing wonderfully. I would be happy to receive emails or phone calls from you. Look forward to talking to you. From va!

  6. Please don't let your concerns stop you from adopting a child with whom you are already feeling bonded. I feel that no one gets off scott free in life, and we just know more early on than some parents. You could wait to get a child without developmental problems, that later develops asthma or peanut allergies, diabetes, bipolar or autism. There are a million ways to worry about a child, it's all a leap of faith.

  7. I forgot this: