Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It seems when it comes to appointments when it rains it pours. We have been very light on appointments lately. (This is in large part because of dealing with my hand and surgery and rehab.) So now it is time to play catch up. We have a couple of upcoming appointments for Grace (GI and allergy) and several for Abby. We have ophthalmology this week. Neurogenetics clinic in February. This entails neuro, genetics, PT, OT and a social worker in one very long visit. Then the behaviorist *hopefully* in a couple of weeks. A psychologist also in a few weeks (to tag team with the behaviorist). We have the booster for Abby's flu shot coming up. Usually we can count on peppering in an unforeseen appointment here or there. Her asthma cough is awful so I am guessing a visit with the allergist isn't out of the question.

So that will keep us pretty busy. I go back to my hand surgeon in there too so we will be spending a fair amount of time in a doctors office. I don't love that part of my life. I never really liked doctors and hospitals but I REALLY don't now. If you ask any Mom with a medically needy child to list their top 3 least favorite things about their routine and I am betting that almost every one will have doctors visits on that list. They are time consuming, they are a pain in the neck and they usually lead to more appointments.

I better get creative to keep the monkeys from swinging on the ceiling. :D

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