Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Officially frustrated

So, I am officially throwing up my hands when it comes to physical therapy for this child. We have (yet) another therapist who is giving us the "she is so much better than I expected" song and dance. I met with the therapist during our conferences last week and I knew immediately that she was going to be a complete and utter waste of time. There is something about meeting countless doctors, specialists and therapists that gives you a sixth sense of sorts for the good versus the bad. I knew she was going in the useless pile. (Excuse my bluntness on this... I am, like I said, frustrated.)

I heard all about how well Abby is doing and how when she is in PT (for two hours a week in a very controlled environment either by herself or with one other child) she isn't falling. And I felt like saying "oh yes, well obviously I am mistaken that she is falling ALL THE TIME at home since she isn't falling those two hours a week." I mean, come on man. How can a trained PT not see how poor her balance is. I realize that she is ten times better than she was predicted to be. I get that she shouldn't be able to walk or jump or play with the way her brain is formed. But is that reason to not push her harder? Shouldn't we push for more simply because the fact that she has already defied the odds? Why not ask for more?

It just kills me knowing that we have been through three PT's in the past two years and none of them has a clue what to do with her. There has to be someone, somewhere. Now I just have to find them.

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