Friday, May 27, 2016

Third Grade

Abby girls is winding up her year as a third grader. All in all this year was a big success. She had her usual ups and down socially. She is still very impulsive, so that gets her in trouble sometimes. Academically she has flourished! She is reading above a fifth grade level, her stories as so imaginative and thorough. She was eligible for the highest math group for next year, although we thought the pressure might be too much so we bumped her down one.

She continues working with her occupational therapist on things like her struggles with penmanship, cutting, tying her shoes and buckles. I think time will probably heal those things best but she remains firm in her practice. Her physical therapist is the same woman since Abby was 3 and she is just an angel. She understands all about RS and how it impacts her motor function. She has brought Abby so far!

Third grade proved to be a wonderful year. When I think of her entire year, her RS almost never was a true issue. I never thought I would be able to say that. Yes she is in inclusion. Yes she has some issues that she has to overcome. What's bigger is that her diagnosis did NOT hold her back. It was not the exclamation at the end of her sentence. No one looked at her and asked what makes her different. She is just Abby.

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