Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fun Run Sponsor's

A Message From Abby and Grace:

Hello Friends and Family,

Abby and Grace will be participating in a cool program called the Rice Owl Fun Run. They’re  raising money for their school and learning about fitness, leadership and character. On November 18, 2015, they will run 30 to 35 laps around the Fun Run Speedway to help our school. Would you please be one of their sponsors? They can't wait to run with all of their classmates. Even just ten cents a lap would help! They'll tell you how many laps they ran after the Fun Run! Thanks for sponsoring them!


Kristen, Abby and Grace

Click here for Grace’s Page: https://funrun.com/a/s/4LqBX6eH 
Click here for Abby’s Page: https://funrun.com/a/s/C6bWWViw 

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