Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The right girl for the job

I wrote this months ago and somehow forgot to post. SO here it is a little late. ;D

Last week my girl had her bi annual visit with the allergist. You are in addition to neuro, neuro surg, ophthalmology, neuro-ophthal, peds, OT, PT, endocrine, cardio and ENT she also has asthma, eczema, seasonal and severe food allergies to eggs, milk, blueberries, agave and tree nuts. 

She's had a few accidental exposures recently so we figured we'd probably get to avoid skin testing and blood work this visit. Unfortunately we were wrong. The allergist wanted to continue her series of tree nut testing so after telling her he'd probably be needle and prick free... I had to take it back. 

When I expected tears she just smiled. When they pricked her arm over and over she jokingly yelled "oww" and laughed each time. 

The nurse was a captive audience and Abby knew it. As she avoided itching her very irritated arm she looked at her very serious looking doctor and said "Dr. Fielder, you do know what you're doing, right?" She had us all I stitches. 

After I got home I to thinking about how for so many kids this would be traumatic. They told her she would need to start a series of food challenges and she responded with "looking forward it". When they told us she had to be at the hospital by 7:30 she said "yay... I'll get Momma all to myself that early". 

The kid is a dang rock star. It is clear to me in those moments that God knew what he was doing. Most kids would be a puddle on the floor if they had to do one tenth of what she does. But not Abby. She just smiles. Obviously she was born with the perfect disposition to suit her life. 

For that I am incredibly grateful!

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