Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Kindergarten Retrospective

She is almost done. T-Minus five school days and counting. Rewind back to September and you will see a nervous, anxious mess of a Mom wondering what this year would hold. Yes, she had two years of preschool and yes she did awesome but a full day? How would she handle it???

The answer: with style and grace!

She was lucky enough to get teacher who "get" her. She is surrounded by OT's and PT's and aides that have known her since she was 3. Her teacher was a rock star and her classroom aides were amazing. I could never have predicted how well she would do. She made friends. She learned so much I can't even begin to say. She explored and experimented and went outside her comfort zone.

Her therapists did amazing work with her too this year. She is sturdier and stronger than we ever thought she could be. When we go on outings we rarely have to take her buggy!

I'm am sitting here in complete awe of my girls and the people who made her an amazing almost six year old. 

Flashing back (to the flashback ;D) to September... I remember thinking to myself "I am so sad that for half of her waking hours she will be with SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME. Who will hug her when she falls? Who will rub her legs when they ache? Who will tell her it's okay when she hits her head"?

But she had people for that. Amazing, caring, loving people who took care of her like I would. They understood her and loved her in a way I couldn't have imagined. I am incredibly grateful!

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  1. Well Done Abby and MUM!! You guys are amazing. All my love from OZ. :-)