Friday, February 22, 2013

We did find just the right one in the end...

Written by Heidi:
So...  I'm out shopping with Ethan the other day and I'm looking at new vases. Well, this is a dangerous aisle and of course he wants to help, so he reaches across to pick what he believes is the best one and my heart immediately falls to my stomach. I see it! I see the whole thing happen in an instant,  seconds before it does! Before the words can even form on my lips the domino effect is in motion.  There is nothing I can do to stop it! But to my surprise he turns around and presents the prized glass vase for show. 

I breathe...gently remove the vase from his fingers and move him to the side AWAY from all the glass. "Yes Ethan it's very pretty, but not really what I'm looking for." He pouts and precedes to find himself a seat on a decorative tin, which collapses, resulting in him falling, rolling into tall tin vases which DO domino each other, loudly!  Ethan jumping up! Struggling to put the tin back together and saying, " I so didn't know it would do that!"

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