Monday, February 11, 2013

Days I lose my patience...then the guilt sits in

Written by Heidi:

There are days when being a parent to an RS child is very frustrating mentally and physically and the patience is thin or not even within reach. And yes, I know this goes for all parenting! Yet the frustrations of being an RS parent are magnified. There are days that I feel like my body can't take another bump from him.

I know he can't help it, which makes me feel EVEN more guilty. Even as he tries to get up on the couch to sit next time me I am banged a good 5 to 6 times. Some of the time we are talking head-to-head contact (if I happened to be looking down) as he does everything head first. I remember when he first started crawling it was as if he threw his head forward and the rest would follow. Well that still holds true as he gets himself on the couch, in a car or even into bed. Sometimes, when he is standing next to me at the couch and if I dare to have a cup of coffee sitting on the end table I am constant guard of the drink being knocked over as he wobbles to and fro while carrying on a conversation.

Now of course I wouldn't change a thing about his milestones. I prayed for the day he would crawl. We mastered getting onto a couch and into a car and love that he can stand and carry on a conversation, even if its in constant motion and twirling. And at times, the guilty times, I wish he could stand without his world titling on him. I wish he could give a high five without missing and twirling around and sometimes falling.

But sometimes I do find myself yelling and saying watch out, don't bang into that! And then realize He Can't Help That! Why did I just say that? Ugh! Guilty mom!

We all have guilty mom moments. Did I really just do that and did I really just say that? Guess I have to say, yep, I did...and try to do a bit's what I tell them to do...

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  1. Hang in there Heidi.Special Mums are rare and you fit the bill so's OK to have "not so good mum" moments!!