Thursday, January 3, 2013

Size difference

One of the things that makes our "RS Family" unique is the fact that our RS kid is a twin. This has had both good and "bad" implications. The good has been plentiful. Raising twins is (hard work but also) a lot of fun. Watching their bond is amazing. It hasn't hurt that Abby has always wanted to keep up with Grace. I think that has been a huge motivator for her. It has also been good that having a comparison point has helped us see issues that we might have overlooked. Had Abby not been a twin I don't think we would have had her in PT and OT so early. We might have missed how delayed she was.

The bad part is that you can't help but make comparisons... even when you don't want too. People can see how much slower, smaller, clumsier, etc. she is than her sister. I think sometimes that shines a spot light on some of her issues. For the most part we don't see it but it always there under the surface.

It has been amazing lately how much the size difference is becoming obvious. The girls have ebbed and flowed throughout their life. Sometimes Grace looks like a giant by comparison. Other times they look closer in size. Lately Grace is seriously gaining ground and Abby has stagnated in her growth. Thankfully she has stopped minding the fact that she is so tiny. For a while it really bothered her but she is starting to see that being tiny means very little... especially when you have a personality as big as hers. :D

 At Birth - Abby 4 lbs 14 oz and Grace 5 lb 14 oz

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  1. What lovely photographs of your gorgeous Girls Kristen, I guess you are right re the ability to compare them as twins and be able to help Abby early as a result. How lucky they are to have that twin bond as well. The disouraging moments are very real too but thank you so much for sharing your Abby's journey with so many of us. It gives such valuable insight to so many parents and grandparents. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU TOO FOR THE COURAGE TO SHARE!!

  2. M - You're so sweet! I am just so lucky to have this forum to log our journey as a family. Really Abby is the one doing all the real work. :D