Friday, August 3, 2012


When you raise a special needs child life is full of accommodations. We special needs parents spend a lot of our time trying to make sure our children have as "normal" a life as possible. This includes modifications that we make to our home and our environment to make life more livable for our children. Since Abby was very small we made modifications. Special strollers, lots of childproofing to deal with falls, helmets, etc. As she has gotten older and more mobile the modifications become more important.

We have done everything from installing care rails on our stairs

to buying hand towels with rings in the bathroom. (She gets very upset that she doesn't have the dexterity and balance to hang the towels up when she is done without help.)

We do things to accommodate her smaller stature like step stools EVERYWHERE and smaller toilet seats for her tiny bottom.

We bought her a special chair so she can reach at the table
(note her weighted vest that helps her stay organized during meals).

We have special devices so she can reach light switches.

We still have all of the baby proofing devices on our doors and furniture.

She has a heavy blanket in her bed to help her sleep, she has her helmet by the front door, we bought toy shelves that are low enough for her to reach, and so many more.

We feel that she has had to make SO MANY accommodations to fit into her world that it doesn't hurt for us to make some for her. In an ideal world I would love to make bigger accommodations to our house. I would lower the bathroom vanities. I would lower a kitchen counter. We would put all the light switches and door handles lower. Unfortunately that would all cost a fortune. So for now she lives in an environment that isn't built for her. Thankfully she is one flexible little girl.

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