Monday, May 28, 2012


A post from Heidi:

Over the last 6 years we have had therapists come and go in our "therapy" lives. As therapy seems to govern so much of our life it has become somewhat of adjustment for me to say goodbye. It seems impossible to avoid becoming emotionally attached to the people that seem to make such an impact on Ethan. They know more about what is going on with him on a day-to-day basis than any of his doctors. They invest so much time into giving him the tools, skills and the strength he needs to continue to develop, so he can continue to just be a kid. You have to understand that for parents of a “typical” kid they can never understand how much works goes into being a “normal” kid when you have RS. Running, playing and throwing a ball are mundane for most kids. When you have RS these skills can take years to acquire.

Now that being said, we have had a couple of therapists that I have not been thrilled with for whatever reasons. I learned very early on that these are the times to request a change. This only seemed to happen when Ethan was receiving services through Early Intervention and the therapist was coming into our home. One therapist would always be late and then want to leave early. Another was just a bad fit personality wise. Both times I requested a change and never regretted it.

This week was an especially sad week for Ethan and I as we had to say goodbye to his beloved physical therapist, Ms. Rebecca. She has been working with him for almost 3 years. Unfortunately her husband's duty station is being transferred she must leave. I have to say she has worked him hard! She pushed him when he needed to be pushed and stood her ground when he through some pretty tough fits. They formed a terrific team over the years! She has to personally design a PT program to meet his needs since there isn't one for a RS kid. He is definitely better off because of this! I feel fortunate that she will continue to stay in our life through face book.

May the new PT have the same inspirations and stamina!


  1. Love it! We recently had to switch PT's also and I was worried as he was used to a male PT (and he's only 2). The new PT is amazing and he LOVES her! I hope Ethan adopts as quickly as well. LOVE that pic!

  2. Thanks! This will be the first one he remembers ... He has seen and talks to most if the staff there. He will be seeing 1 PT over the summer and then change again once school starts to accommodate his all day of school for 1st grade.